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Dog Urine Resistant

 One of the main desirable characteristics is that it is highly resistant to dog urine and foot traffic. Kelly’s been testing it for 10 years with his many dogs. It's a warm season grass that is green from June through October in its recommended zones, 5-9.


Drought Resistant

In our trials, it only used 10% of water that traditional cool season grasses normally use. Two years ago, Kelly only watered it 3 times all summer! Last year he had to water it 8 times due to the extreme drought. It requires a fraction of the water of traditional turfs and is much more durable than native buffalo grass. It's a very fine strain related to Bermuda grass and is a gorgeous bright green color.


Wear and Tear Resistant

This Cynodon selection (Cynodon ‘PWIN04S’) is derived from African grasses similar to American buffalo grass but holds up better to wear and tear. It is a sterile hybrid so it can’t reseed into the wild environment and become an invasive weed 

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Dog Tuff ™ is:
• VERY drought tolerant
• VERY resistant to dog urine
• LOVES full, hot sun
• GROWS happily on dry slopes
• DOESN’T wear thin in the winter like buffalo grass
• RECOVERS from excessive foot traffic quickly
• HONEYBEES love the pollen

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