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Dog Tuff Grass

June available Dog Tuff Grass 70 Count Plug Tray

June available Dog Tuff Grass 70 Count Plug Tray

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This item is only available for June. At checkout please choose a date in June. For other months go back and choose the correct item. 


1 tray will cover 48 Sq feet.  Plant each plug 10 inches apart as they will grow and fill in. 

If ordering more that 20 trays, please call to schedule available pick up dates.

A seedless, sterile hybrid grass, propagated by hand and sold in 70-count plug trays. It requires a fraction of the water of traditional turfs and is much more durable than native buffalo grass. It's a very fine strain related to Bermuda grass and is a gorgeous bright green color. One of the main desirable characteristics is that it is highly resistant to dog urine and foot traffic. The Grass loves the heat, which is a big advantage over conventional lawns. This means you can plant well into summer.  See the how to guide  for planting and care instructions. 

Dog Tuff is a warm season grass, which means it will not start growing until the nighttime temperatures reach about 50 F (what we call peak season.) Peak season is recommended for planting, if you plant before then you will have to be vigilant making sure the plugs stay wet, as they will not begin to root until then.  Planting before early season is experimental as it may shock the fragile plugs with cold temperature changes. 

Approximate planting times correspond to each cold hardiness zone. Click this link to find yours.

 Lakewood pickups will begin mid May. 

                           Planting season dates 

                      Early   /  50 F Peak   /  End   

Zone 4     Jun 1st   /    Jun 10th     /    Aug 15th


Zone 5     May 20th  /  Jun 1st /  Sep 1st


Fort Collins


Zone 6     May 5th /   May 15th /  Sep 10th 

Salt Lake City     

Santa Fe

Zone 7     Apr 20th / May 1st /  Sep 20th

Las Vegas  



Zone 8     Apr 1st / Apr 15th / Oct 10th

Palm Springs  



Zone 9    Mar 25th / Apr 5th /  Nov 1st

Los Angeles   


San Diego


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